The Pagan roots of Christianity (6)



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The Anglo-Saxon conversion was very difficult for Christian missionaries due to the fact that paganism was so entrenched into their culture. As one of the last Barbarian groups to the converted by Christian missionaries, the Saxons did mainly under the threat of death by Charlemagne and with some great inclusions of pagan culture and concessions on the part of the Christian missionaries.

Unsurprisingly, comparisons would be made between the new Christian god and the Old Pagan ones. Besides many naturally occurring parallelisms occurring in the mythologies of Christianity and Paganism, Missionaries made efforts to render Christianity in a way that would be more pleasant to Pagan converts.

Wodan holds a high place in Anglo-Saxon theology. Expectedly, Wodan was in the first place equated by Christian missionaries with the devil. However, Anglo Saxons made obvious connections with their old God Wodan and new one Jesus. In Saxon mythology, Wodan gained knowledge of runes by sacrificing himself to himself, hanging and fasting on the World tree Yggdrasill just as Christ was also a Hanging God sacrificing himself for redemption. Christ and Wodan are also both famously mentioned in the much discussed Anglo Saxon �Nine Herbs Charm� which was a Christian charm meant to fight poison but had pagan origins. Christ was supposed to have invented the nine herbs as he hung on the Cross. As Wodan masters the magic runes of wisdom by hanging on his Cosmic Tree, so Christ creates the magic herbs as he hung on his Tree, the Cross.

Adonis, the Syrian god, was also born of a virgin. He was killed, and rose again in the spring. Every year the maidens wept for Adonis (Ezekiel 8: 14) and then rejoiced over his resurrection. This reminds us of Easter celebrations.
Bacchus, sometimes referred to as Dionysius, was born on the 25th December. The world was enveloped in evil, so the God of gods was beseeched to redeem mankind. The prayer was accepted by Jupiter who declared that his son would redeem the world from its misery. He promised a liberator to the earth, and Bacchus came as a Saviour. He was called the only Begotten Son.

Dr. Frazer in his book �The Golden Bough� (Chapter 4, p. 229) records Bacchus as saying: �It is I who guide you; it is I who protect you, and who save you; I who am the Alpha and Omega.� Bacchus was also a great traveller and brought the gift of wine to mankind. This brings to mind the miracle of Christ when he converted water into wine at the marriage feast.

Thus, it becomes clear that the core of Christian dogmas were made up from direct pagan infusions. This goes on to reinforce my position that Christianity isn�t just polytheistic, but also paganistic.
As for Christmas celebrations, this is just too well known and you may check Is Jesus really the reason for the season? (1) and Is Jesus really the reason for the season? (2) for further info.


The Pagan roots of Christianity (1)



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In the history of man, cultures have met and interacted. These interactions sometimes are so limited to leave any significant traces while some last so well to leave indelible marks in the sands of time. Interactions may lead to assimilations which allow for a mish mash of the ways of life herein being considered. Occasionally, relations may lead to a total eradication of the other way. So as man lived aforetime and it still occurs till this day. No one drops his traditional set of beliefs so easily while also striving to make more people come his way. Religions have been central to the existence of people as long as we can possibly think of.
Early in the history of the Church, Christianity conquered lands hitherto alien and averse to it. In these lands were people who followed different shades of religions notably a form of paganism or another. The intermingling and interaction of peoples and cultures facilitated by the Pax Romana resulted in the competition and cross fertilization of religions. This resulted in some elements of pagan worship finding their way into the Christian doctrines. The Cross, the trinity, the idea of human sacrifice for the sake of other men, Easter and Christmas festivities to mention a few.

The American Encyclopedia records:

“The belief in the Oneness of God – as a theological movement – began at a very early stage in history, and in fact it preceded the belief in trinity by many decades. Christianity developed from Judaism, and Judaism firmly believes that there is one God.
The path that led from Jerusalem (the home of the first disciples of Christ) to Nicea (where it was decided in 325 CE that Christ was equal to God in essence and eternal nature) can hardly be described as a straight path.
The doctrine of trinity which was affirmed in the fourth century CE bears no resemblance to the original teachings of Christ concerning the nature of God. Au contraire, it is the opposite, a deviation from that teaching. Hence it developed in opposition to the belief in One God… (27/294).”

Will Durant says:
When Christianity conquered Rome, the new religion (i.e., Christianity) was infused with the blood of the old idolatrous religion: the title of archbishop, worship for the great mother, and an innumerable number of lords who gave peace of mind and were like who exist in all places and cannot be detected with the senses. All of this came into Christianity as the blood of the mother comes into her child.
For the layers of pagan influence on the church.

I’m Tired of this entire gimmick



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Putting pen to paper for this …Oh My God. I’m tired of thinking thoughts that can’t be expressed or can be expressed but I’ve not yet expressed. I ‘m tired of thinking someone would take offense and label me a devil’s advocate. I’m tired of fearing man when there is a God. I’m tired of hearing that God exists in 3 pieces of physical states-one unseen and unfelt, one seen and felt; and the last unseen but felt. I’m tired of thinking my Maths is bad, or is 1+1+1=1? I’m tired. Somebody help! I’m tired of celebrating festivities deeply rooted in paganism and idolatry. I’m tired of asking questions and being told to just believe. I’m tired!

I’m tired of going to a place of worship where all I see is naked thighs and breasts. I’m tired of sexy girls visiting us in the hostels on the excuse of visitations. I’m tired of three fellowships claiming to have the same message slugging it out at the Angola car park on who has the loudest sound systems. I’m tired of paying tithe out of the #1,200 I collect from home. I’m tired of winning souls for Christ through fornication and immoral relationships.

I’m tired of the gospel comic series about the pastor who heals all things even when all those healed are unknown and those known still walk the streets blind, deaf, dumb and crippled. I’m tired of Oyakhilome smiling to the banks while I go unclothed and hungry. Of Oyedepo flying in jets while I stand in Molues. Of Adeboye making millions out of our individual tithes. I’m tired of people flocking to see the fraud called Adeboye/Oyakhilome/Oyedepo/Joshua/Adefarasin/Ajimolowo, oh sorry, Ashimolowo and the rest. I’m tired of people breaking up the chair Adeboye sat on and claiming blessing from it. I’m tired! I’m tired of human worship.

I’m tired of Bonnke sticking to Nigeria while he can’t step on his native German soil where he is wanted for Fraud. I’m tired of Benny Hinn asking for my donations when he is already proved to be a fraud. I’m tired of Ali G being pulled off YouTube because he exposed Benny Hinn. I’m tired of people flocking to these churches even when all these are in the media. Ah, shhhhh….I’m tired of crowd pulling juju o.

I’m tired of Church ushers looking like ball ushers and cheerleaders. I’m tired of praying to and worshipping Jesus when God is still alive. I’m tired of worshipping the cross, a symbol of devilish cults and an emblem of death and sorrow. I’m tired of people threatening me with Holy Ghost fire when it’s the fire that they even call while praying.

I may seem confused, investigating religions and so undecided, but not Christianity again. I’m tired!

“Decir, no vendemos”

Oyedepo’s slapgiving! The way of a garage tout!


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Bishop David Oyedepo, remember him? Nigeria’s richest pastor (since Adeboye was too smart to be profiled). Well, he could be so rich but he showed his spiritual poverty recently by succumbing publicly to the antics of the devil he claims to fight. Well, I’m not convinced they are not working together. Peep this drama at the 2009 Shiloh service at the Church headquarters. A so called girl-witch from Imo state is kneeling down before Oyedepo on the altar. This conversation occurs:
Oyedepo: You’ve been there for how long?
Miss Witch: I’m not a witch,I’m a witch for Jesus
Oyedepo: You are a foul devil. Do you know who you are talking to? Foul devil
*Dirty slap* (Screams of approval from the crowd)
Oyedepo: Where are you from?
Miss witch: I’m from Imo state
Oyedepo: When did you join them?
Miss Witch: I’m not a witch
Oyedepo: Then what are you?
Miss Witch: I’m not a witch, but I’m a witch for Jesus
Oyedepo: Jesus has no witches. You are a devil (with a long stress)
You are not set for deliverance and you are free to go to hell.

A look at the run-down of programmes at the Shiloh 2011 reveals that the incident would have occurred at the healing school which as the official flyer claimed, is meant to deliver people from sicknesses and oppression. How come Bishop Oyedepo could not deliver this girl? Why did he turn oppressor while he claimed to be delivering people from oppression? You could see the sickness in the congregation was still there and very rife. This is evident in the fact that rather than condemn this evil action, they gave a rousing acceptance with their shameful shouts of approval.
If he was out to deliver people, why did he leave that girl to rot in hell? What happened to having mercy on the ignorant? Why did he rush into giving judgement and condemning her to hell? How many times have these people failed to live up to what they preach. That little incident revealed how they go about living fake lives while their followers trn them to demi-gods. God would not allow His prophet do such an evil act, he would shield him from such silly display of anger.
I only wish he did this in one of his numerous business centres (do you still call them churches?) scattered all around Europe and America. Someone should take this man up on this public assault and female battery. Where are those who groups who fight for women rights? Unfortunately, they are the Nigerian untouchables.
Surely there is God, and He doesn’t approve of the conduct of Bishop Oyedepo and He will judge between the girl and this man.