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Putting pen to paper for this …Oh My God. I’m tired of thinking thoughts that can’t be expressed or can be expressed but I’ve not yet expressed. I ‘m tired of thinking someone would take offense and label me a devil’s advocate. I’m tired of fearing man when there is a God. I’m tired of hearing that God exists in 3 pieces of physical states-one unseen and unfelt, one seen and felt; and the last unseen but felt. I’m tired of thinking my Maths is bad, or is 1+1+1=1? I’m tired. Somebody help! I’m tired of celebrating festivities deeply rooted in paganism and idolatry. I’m tired of asking questions and being told to just believe. I’m tired!

I’m tired of going to a place of worship where all I see is naked thighs and breasts. I’m tired of sexy girls visiting us in the hostels on the excuse of visitations. I’m tired of three fellowships claiming to have the same message slugging it out at the Angola car park on who has the loudest sound systems. I’m tired of paying tithe out of the #1,200 I collect from home. I’m tired of winning souls for Christ through fornication and immoral relationships.

I’m tired of the gospel comic series about the pastor who heals all things even when all those healed are unknown and those known still walk the streets blind, deaf, dumb and crippled. I’m tired of Oyakhilome smiling to the banks while I go unclothed and hungry. Of Oyedepo flying in jets while I stand in Molues. Of Adeboye making millions out of our individual tithes. I’m tired of people flocking to see the fraud called Adeboye/Oyakhilome/Oyedepo/Joshua/Adefarasin/Ajimolowo, oh sorry, Ashimolowo and the rest. I’m tired of people breaking up the chair Adeboye sat on and claiming blessing from it. I’m tired! I’m tired of human worship.

I’m tired of Bonnke sticking to Nigeria while he can’t step on his native German soil where he is wanted for Fraud. I’m tired of Benny Hinn asking for my donations when he is already proved to be a fraud. I’m tired of Ali G being pulled off YouTube because he exposed Benny Hinn. I’m tired of people flocking to these churches even when all these are in the media. Ah, shhhhh….I’m tired of crowd pulling juju o.

I’m tired of Church ushers looking like ball ushers and cheerleaders. I’m tired of praying to and worshipping Jesus when God is still alive. I’m tired of worshipping the cross, a symbol of devilish cults and an emblem of death and sorrow. I’m tired of people threatening me with Holy Ghost fire when it’s the fire that they even call while praying.

I may seem confused, investigating religions and so undecided, but not Christianity again. I’m tired!

“Decir, no vendemos”