I don’t hate Christianity, just that I don’t like delusion. When falsehood reigns in the place of truth, and dogmas displace reason, men are abandoned in the throes of ignorance. Christianity played a major part in the emergence of one of its adversaries, secular thoughts, it still does. The West is becoming atheist, homosexuality the order of the day and abortion rights may soon come to stay. I am not atheist, neither am I agnostic. I believe in a God that reigns supreme over all things and made reason to go in tandem with faith.
Christianity doesn’t just place faith over reason like all other religions do, but debase human reasoning so much as no other faith has done. Adherents are cramped into a solitary confinement whose walls are built with the bible and its lock the exegeses of the priests. Man be free, think and reflect! How reasonable is it to have one god in three phases? As the same but at the same time different individuals, yet one is supreme to the others. How do I believe in a book written and surprisingly so acknowledged by authorities, by men who didn’t meet Jesus or take from his disciples? How about Hitler coming to fight the cause of the Jews? Hey , who is Saul? He fought Jesus in life ad even more in death. He it was who laid the foundation for the destruction of reasoning.
Christian morality is also so putrid it can kill a dead fowl. Homosexuality among the priests, child molestation, conducting same sex marriages.  Our Nigerian versions- fraud, juju and sexual harassment. The evil that men do sure live after them. The Christianity that the Colonial imperialists brought and forced on us sure still lives after them. When Marx said religion is the opium of the masses, he meat Christianity. Copernicus ad Galileo suffered untold hardship from the church all because they advanced a better cause for man.
As we journey along, please avoid blind followership. Open up your heart ad together let’s reason. It’s time to wake up to this new age of reason.