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If the wage of sin is death, why should Jesus die for our sins? Since he died for our sins, our own wage should no more be death. Plus was Jesus a sinner?

If really Jesus was God, why didn’t he know when figs grow? Did he have to curse the tree for deceiving him or blame himself for not knowing?

If the 12 disciples are to judge the(ir) 12 tribes of Israel, what’s going to be your own fate? Or did any disciple speak Yoruba or bear Okechukwu?

If God sent the flood against Noah’s people, gave Abraham children at an advanced age and made Moses split the sea right from where is, why did He have to come down into (or as) Jesus before man could be saved?

If indeed we are already saved, why don’t we go and sin our butts to hell? Why do we have to obey religious injunctions?

If Jesus’ crucifixion was atonement for our sins and the purpose of life, what happens to Good Old Father Abraham, Moses, Issac, Ishmael, Jacob and the others who lived before us?

If the gospels are really authentic, how come four of its writers had no second names or were they Brazilian footballers?

If David is God’s first son, how then did Jesus become God’s only begotten son? Was David adopted?

If Jesus is the only begotten son because he had no dad, shouldn’t Adam be the ‘super begotten son’?