A child is born sinful. Day old babies are as good as Dracula. It is part foolishness, part wickedness to declare one who has no power of discernment a sinner. When priests and pastors talk about everybody being born with the taint or blemish of the original sin, an open-minded mind asks: “for what?” Why should a little piece of joy be dressed in a robe of sin, all in order to justify the unreasonable – that he needs the blood of Jesus to be purified!
It is the height of perfidy and injustice to affirm sins for all souls including the new or. Indeed, to these people, all are sinners that need to be born again in the lord,, Christ. They tell you: “believe in Jesus as your lord and personal saviour’’. Failure to do this results in eternal damnation in the blazing hell. But how reasonable is this?
A just God will not hold us responsible for what we never did. That Jesus was nailed to the cross for a crime he did not commit is plainly put; unjust. He didn’t have to die for our (or their) sins. More unreasonable is damning every soul sinners for what they know nothing about.
Another worrisome issue is why should the infant be a sinner when Jesus already washed out our sins with his blood? If the super detergent already washed it out, why label that baby a sinner still?
The original sin is one of the many dogmas that have been fed into Christian skulls. It takes only a little reasoning to flush it out. So take a wholesome stand, think, reflect and shake off these fetters.