On an online forum, a participant had typed in some few lines with a bold title: “Who Created God?” Employing all possible forms of judgement, reasoning and faith based, one concludes that God is the Uncreated Creator who created creation. In answering this question, some Christians in their regular rhetoric had gone on to heap abuses a little short of curses on the poster. But come to think of it, I believe Christians should have buried their empty heads in shame rather that contribute.
If every Christian by default agrees that God is the Uncaused Cause, it follows that Jesus is not God. For Jesus can not be referred to as uncaused. At the least explanation, Jesus was caused by God. God created him in a miraculous way abi? Jesus was man, Osun was woman, Ogun and Sango were men too. Hey listen up, Sat Guru Marhaji is man. All these me are worshipped as God by some people. How do you make a distinction between a Christian and a Sango worshipper? One worships a fair skinned man, the other dark skinned.
Jesus walked.
Jesus cried, a obvious sign of weakness not attributable to God
Jesus was tempted, even when he himself asserted that God can not be tempted
Jesus fasted
Jesus prayed, to whom?
Jesus ate, probably because he got hungry
Man, you said Jesus died.
Christians thus are guilty of the silliest form of anthropomorphism (the representation of God’s being or nature in human form). While this is usually found within the primitive peoples, who consider their gods as grandiose human beings, Christians would have no excuse in this age ad time. Big problem: How do we turn around the age long dogma?