Christianity has been plagued with a lot of fictions and (some sci fis too anyway). In every turn, there is this doctrine that can’t stand the test of reason and reality; there is the celebration that can’t be evidenced from the bible and there is even the question of the authenticity of the bible. The biggest, some even doubt if Jesus ever existed.
Christmas is a big day, some nations get their best sales around Christmas. It’s a time to look out for, save towards and probably break banks for. There it goes: “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Wait a minute, how true is this?
To me, this is the season for the reason. Reason! Reflect! Hey, but do we really have to go so far? Do some googling and let’s see how this ends. A little insight tells us that Jesus’ date of birth is UNKNOWN. Speculations exist, but none point to the 25th of December. At the time of Christ’s birth, “there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night” (Luke 2:8). This wouldn’t occur in Palestine in the month of December. Shepherds brought their flocks from the mountainsides and fields and corralled them not later than October 15, to protect them from the cold, rainy season that follows. It was an ancient custom among Jews of those days to send out their sheep to the fields and deserts about the Passover (early spring), and bring them home at commencement of the first rain, says the Adam Clarke Commentary, Vol. 5, page 386 (and 370).

And that’s all we can point to about the birth of such a great man.