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On Ground Zero we stand.If a mosque at Ground Zero is a monument to terror, then a church in the heats of Africa or the plains of the Americas is a monument to terroristic oppression. If someone knocked down the towers, someone already killed and sacked a whole nation. The soils of Badagry and the Cape Coast Castle, Ghana should bear no emblem of Christianity.
Mankind, and I’m emphatic about this has not known a greater pilfering and oppressing principle like Christianity. Islam has been made to suffer the fate that should have been exclusively reserved for Christianity.
I’ve always identified with the Muslim faith. Right from the time of we got to hear about the Civil Rights movement, apartheid in South Africa, and the Israeli invasion of Palestine. I had learnt that while the whitest toes touched the beaten and wrinkled black toes in the mosques, white Christians attended white churches and black peasants were only Christians by way of the forceful conversion of a lot of them. They had arrived from the nations of Africa, mainly Muslim, which the white slave master or breaker wouldn’t let them be. He changed their names, made them pray to Jesus and sing church hymns. This seems to explain the age-long Black American resentment for Christianity.
Take a cursory look at the different groups on the mosque projects (plus Tennessee now). Against the mosques are largely white folks, while for the mosques are majorly black people. While Malcolm X could shake the whitest hands and smile beautifully into the bluest eyes in Mecca, Christianity did fail to accept the natives of Australia or Zimbabwe, even in their home lands. They didn’t stop at that; they did massacre the aborigines of Tasmania ad the West Indies.
A church in any of those lands is a monument to terrorism. A Christian missionary house there is a repository to viciousness.