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The Christian banking system
Christians, especially the Nigerian ones have never failed to amuse me. Rather than keep quiet and appear stupid, they prefer to open their mouths and confirm it. How would you explain the insipid cry against the Islamic banking system about to take root in Nigeria by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). This group of political jobbers headed by Ayo Oritsejafor has always been looking for relevance in the scheme of things. Mbang was the major internal diplomat for Obasanjo’s misrule while poor Oritsejafor, who failed to make the billionaires’ list has been Goodluck Jonathan’s chief advocate. He made really unguarded statements during the April elections and the post election violence. His cronies have now started crying against a system that seeks to liberate the poor from the major benefactors of the pastors. What will drive an aged pastor to carry placard against Islamic banking if not that it threatens his purse.
Erastus Akingbola, Samuel Adegbite, Cecilia Ibru and the other thieves in high places will be short of funds to give Adeboye and his ilk to print the ‘Our Daily Bread” series. Islamic banking makes funds available and accessible for us, without any recourse to the interest-eating-killer banks.
If your religion doesn’t have a way out for the poor, if your religion says virtually nothing about finance, if all you talk about in churches is how people will make fortunes (to deliver to your coffers anyway); then let the way of life that has a guidance, and is willing to help us stay.
Welcome, Islamic banking!