Rich Pastor, Poor Pastored (1)
That churches fleece the congregation is well known; what is new is how gargantuan this is. Now ask me what my problem is with something I don’t believe in, and I answer you: you have your brain locked in. I mean, how did we manage to get this dumb? How come? The biggest type of business this side of the world is church business. We used to take this as a consequence of the biting poverty that pushes lazy and of course some hardworking, yet obtuse individuals into seeking fast miraculous ways out of their troubles. But the rise of the ‘Hollywood-rivaling’ American megachurch has shown that this combines effectively with marketing ideas Philip Kotler may have to rack his brain for to make church business big business.

Truly, times are hard and the church in the name of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) just made it harder. They supported a Goodluck Jonathan presidency. I was thinking it was all based only on religious sentiments. Little did I know it oils the palms of the pastors. The vicious cycle of poverty is sustained with an incompetent president like Jonathan. The poorer people are, the more they flock to churches, the more the pastor-dollars. All we used to know was petro-dollars but as the BBC captured it, Pastors rival oil-tycoons in Nigeria.

Time for some sober reflection. While some silly die-hards have read this to mean greater bounties from the Lord (which lord anyway? God, Jesus or the Pastor?), people of sound intellect did see through their tearful eyes, and were able to decipher the corporate fraud this people revel in. I don’t have to tell you anymore about their fake miracles. I don’t have to tell you about their rip-off programs, but I have to tell you to use your intuition.

While this megachurch business is growing in the impoverished lands of Sub Saharan Africa, representing the growth of Christianity; it is also the only BRAND of Christianity growing in the west too. Note the word ‘brand’. A corporate marque. Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Ted Haggard etc. This brand is the last straw (together with blind conservative nationalism) sustaining Christianity in the West, in the face of the phenomenal growth of Islam and of course, atheism. People are disenfranchised with Christianity, now they are deluded with the megachurch gimmick. For instance, The Telegraph reported on November,22nd 2002 that the Church of England “gave its official blessings to alternative forms of youth worship such as ‘raves in the nave’ as part of its effort to attract young people into church”. This however led to incidents like the notorious episodes of the “nine o’clock service” in Sheffield, which “was closed down after allegations of improper relations between the clergyman and female members of the congregation.”

The riches from this industry is staggering. Some may argue that they give to charity. I can’t help but shake my head at your naivety. A clear case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. What job did the pastor take up that made him that fortune with which he ‘helps’ the poor? Tithes, offerings, miracles, charms….???

Why was Adeboye’s name missing?