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You may argue that religious leaders’ actions don’t invalidate belief, but that’s when the belief itself is right. There seems to be nothing of the Christian faith geared towards restoration of the populace. The emptiness of the message becomes so much apparent and appalling when they start this ‘positive thinking’ or ‘get rich or die trying’ thing. So when these scams now come in to form an evil conundrum, ripping off the poor and seemingly unintelligent, it’s time to say no. When you talk about thieves in high places, remember the thieves you placed in ‘godly’ places too.
Tupac Shakur, painted a very lucid picture of this situation in an interview with Vibe. He said: “I think some cool motha****a sat down a long time ago and said, “Let’s figure out a way that we can control motha****as.” And that’s what they came up with, it’s the Bible. ‘Cause if God wrote the Bible, I’m sure there would’ve been a revised copy by now, you know what I mean? Because a lot of shit has changed, and I’ve been looking for this revised copy, and I don’t see it. I still see that same old copy that they’ve had from then…Trust me, this is what’s real. And all that other shit is to control you. If the churches took half the money that they was making and gave it back to the community, we’d be alright. If they take half of the buildings that they use to praise God and gave it to motha****as who need God, we’d be alright. We’d be alright! Have you seen some of these goddamn churches lately? There’s one that take up the whole block in New York. There’s homeless people out here, why ain’t God letting them stay there? Why these niggas got gold ceilings and shit? Why God need gold ceilings to talk to me? Why do God need colored windows to talk to me? Why God can’t come where I’m at, where he sent me? If God wanted to talk to me in the pretty spot like that, why the hell he sent me here then, you know what I mean? That makes ghetto kids not believe in God…”
Jesus once went into a temple and threw out currency traders and salespeople. Somehow, he sounds too good to be christian.