Today, I present the most scathing take-down of the Christian faith I’ve ever seen. It is a classic, a one-of-its-kind. It was written by a medieval Muslim scholar, Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah. While paying the utmost respect to this genius, allow me to quote in length…

“O worshippers of the Messiah, we have a question, to which we want an answer from the one who understands it.

If a god dies because of the actions of people who kill him, what is this god?

Is he pleased with what they did to him? Then they must be lucky for they have earned his pleasure.

If he is displeased with what they did to him, their power has nevertheless overwhelmed his.

Did the universe remain without a god who hears all and answers those who call upon him?

Were the seven heavens left with no god above them when he was buried in the ground?

Was this universe left with no god to look after it when his hands were nailed (to the cross)?

How could this god be forsaken by all his creation when they heard him weep?

How could this wood bear the true god who was tied to it?

How could iron come close to him and penetrate him and wound him?

How could the hands of his enemies reach him when they struck the back of his head?

Was the Messiah brought back to life or is the one who revived him another god?

What a strange grave it is that could contain a god. What is even stranger is that a womb could contain him,

Where he remained for nine months, nourished from blood,

Then he emerged from the vagina as a tiny baby, opening his mouth and seeking the breast,

Eating and drinking, with the inevitable consequences thereof. Is that a god?

Exalted be Allaah above the fabrications of the Christians. He will question them all about the lies they told.

O worshippers of the cross, for what reason is that thing (the cross) venerated?

Rationally speaking, it should be broken and burned.

If god was crucified upon it by force and his hands nailed to it,

Then the thing used for that purpose should be cursed and trampled upon, not kissed when you see it.

How can the Lord of the Worlds be humiliated on it, then you go and worship it?

Then you are the enemies of that god, if you venerate it because the lord of mankind has touched it.

That cross is lost but every time we see something similar it reminds us of that cross.

Then why you do you not venerate the graves, for a grave once contained your lord?

O worshipper of the Messiah, wake up! He has a beginning and he has an end.”

Ighaathat al-Lahfaan, 1/291