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There is this book titled ‘Who is this Allah?’. In it, vitriolic out-pours were rendered against Islam. I want to take it upon myself to demolish one of the strong footholds of apologetic, militant Christianity. This book as the name portends seeks to explain, albeit in a characteristically Christian way, who the God of the Muslims is. Allah, as we all understand is the name of God in Arabic, the language of the Qur’an, the book of the Muslims.

This arrant nonsense called ‘Who is this Allah?’ has had detailed refutations made for it so it isn’t my intent to do that here. Plus space wouldn’t even allow me do justice to that. My point of stay is the character called G.J.O Moshay. This faceless individual collected baseless views about Islam, and quite foolishly muddled up his arguments; all in a bid to paint Islam polytheistic. I’ve always insisted that Christianity is both paganistic and polytheistic. The silliest thing about the book is its author. No one knows him. He only claims to be ‘a Nigerian, from the mainly Muslim Northern part of the country.’ A cursory look however reveals a multitude of such assertions including some claiming to be kids of prominent Muslim rulers. However, not one of them has been acknowledged by the sane public. While it isn’t any new writing under pen names (George Orwell of the ‘Animal Farm’ fame springs to mind), it is however childish to hide under the well known literary concept to peddle falsehood. This is even more important when those accused have debunked your lies and even called you out for a debate.

A Muslim writer, Yusuf Mabera, author of ‘Allah is the Creator’, a sound rebuttal for the devilish book is known to have challenged the being called G.J.O.Moshay to an open debate. He never showed up. Maybe with the advent of the internet this will change. So I’m calling him out today also. Respond to my invitation, and let’s see what you have. If this Moshay thing keeps existing in the imagination of himself and his followers, then methinks we should view every propagator of this evil piece as being deluded, foolish and not worthy of attention.

The Christian way as referred to above is the way of falsehood. Christian apologetics and proselytism feeds fat on lies. This is not a problem in the moral system of Christianity as the ‘top dog’ of the faith, Paul himself confessed to his own lewd ways. He said: “For if the truth of God hath more abounded by my lie unto his glory, why yet am I also adjudged a sinner?” Romans 3/7. Call this an hypothetical statement if you wish, but how do describe this; “Being crafty, I caught you with guile.” (2 Cor. 12:16). Or this; “Unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews.” (1 Cor. 9:20). And this; “I am made all things to all men.” (1 Cor. 9:22) “Little wonder then that his protégés have carried on with this evil way in more daring forms. But lies don’t last. And liars sure need good memory. Unfortunately for them, their too short memory made them mix up points thereby coming up with a contraption of contradictions called the bible.

Easily, anyone conversant with Christian rhetoric will remember the story of the Egyptian woman who converted to Christianity. She did this with her two daughters. But her Muslim husband got mad at this, killed her and the kids, and then buried them. A man in shiny white clothes would come around to feed them. This continued until they were found alive deep down in the soil. This was reported on National TV. Don’t ask me what National TV as the liar who concocted the fable couldn’t name it.

While it may sound incredulous that religious people lie, it isn’t any big deal to the Christian preacher. Countless such evil accounts of deceit exist. Other such intriguing lies by modern Christians include but not limited to:

• The Missionary who was protected from murderous attackers by the miraculous appearance of 26 armed guards in the jungle of Africa?

• Diane, the young Christian university student who prayed for protection while walking home late one night so was saved by two angels who kept her safe from rape.

• The Christians forbidden by the city’s Muslims to celebrate Christmas in Meulaboh, Indonesia but instead gathered on a high hill nearby and so were spared from the tsunami that wiped out the city.

• The story of three small Indonesian Christian islands that were raised three metres above sea level by the tsunami thus spared, while it wiped out the large adjoining Muslim island.

• In the India, “…in the middle of the night prior to the earthquake, a prophet at the (Christian) training center on Rameswaram was awakened and met by the angel of death. The angel said that he was going to destroy the island of Rameswaram. The prophet called the elders of the church together to pray against this declaration. They didn’t know what would happen but they prayed through the night. In the morning the quake occurred and the wave began to work its devastation. Sri Lanka, mere miles away, was inundated, however, the island of Rameswaram was untouched to the degree that they didn’t even lose a chicken. The training center is also untouched…”

• The story of how St Thomas’ miraculous post kept the invading waves away, sparing the newly renovated Santhome Cathedral in India.
For detailed discussions about the lies enumerated above and many more, check www.snopes.com.
Do we still have to talk about the fake miracles we see on TV?

Becoming Christian based on these lies is like climbing a mountain to find a lie, then digging a grave to bury one. For the truth is meant to be told, never to be sold. I am not holding brief for Islam or the Muslims, but I have an obligation to call a spade a spade. G.J.O. Moshay is a lie, his book is a lie, so also is what he claims to believe in; Christianity.