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Lying for Christ has been termed by some as ‘the second oldest profession’. For those well informed, it is no news that Christianity is nurtured on lies and forgery. When the root is bad, the branch will be awful. Winston Churchill said: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” How apt, looking at the way lies have nourished the propagation of the Christian faith. I have dealt with the G.J.O. Moshay (author of ‘Who is this Allah?’ And ‘Anatomy of the Quran’) of a thing and how he has been able to sway a lot of ignorant fellows with his heap of lies. His goal has been to discredit Islam while advancing the cause of Christianity. Now let’s see how it all went so bad.

Of course a look at the goals of the early Church reveals a striking similarity to the goals of the “Church” today: The ultimate goal of the church was to establish itself as true and, of course, to show that all other religions were, as a consequence, false. It however is to be noted, that Moshay isn’t alone in this crusade. He has ancestors and also some modern emulators. While some take it upon themselves to bring into disrepute another religion, some have made it the basis for disseminating the message of Christianity. Leading spokespersons appear to have had no qualms about lying in order to promote the faith, to practice deception in order to establish the truth.

You should have been aware by now, that this ignoble cause started with no other than the number one sworn enemy of Jesus, Saul who later became Paul. For a later discussion, it has to be pointed out that the paganistic infusion into the pure doctrine of Jesus came about from the evil works of this man. The Pauline church it was, that brought the 3 god-heads of the trinity into the message of Jesus.

Ergun Caner was the President of Liberty University’s seminary in the USA. His major point of Christian call is this thrilling past of being born into a Turkish Muslim family. He was being revved up for Jihad and hated Christians and America with passion. Then out of the blues, Jesus visited him and lo and behold, he leads this huge fundamentalist Christian seminary today. This occurred also with the conversion of his entire family. The line sounds familiar? LOL! He even claims like our G.J.O.Moshay guy to be an expert on Islam haven debated a lot of muslim clerics. The only difference is that he is known, Moshay is non existent. The actual fact about Caner is that he was born in Sweden to a Muslim father and a Lutheran Christian mum. He was moved to Ohio, USA by his dad when he was 4 years old. Shortly after this, they divorced and the mother got full custody. He converted to Christianity in his teens. Case closed! Hey! Wait a minute. But he could still be an expert on Islam. Well, this expert doesn’t know the difference between the Shahadah of the Muslims and prayer. Remember Moshay claiming that Allah is the name of the moon god worshipped in Arabia pre-Islam? This however didn’t stop the Arlington Baptist College from appointing him Professor of theology and church history, as well as Provost and Vice Chairman of the Christian institute. This disgraced pathological liar has authored books on Islam and he has a partner in crime in his brother Emir Caner.

So what could have informed these categorical lies by supposed ‘men of God’? Lying is universally held as being morally bad such that it is only attributed to people of disrepute. So when religious leaders lie, and even see it as being rewarding before the God they serve, it simply implies that something is methodically wrong. Let’s take a cursory look at the faith book of Christianity, the bible. What has it got to say about lying?
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