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Bishop David Oyedepo, remember him? Nigeria’s richest pastor (since Adeboye was too smart to be profiled). Well, he could be so rich but he showed his spiritual poverty recently by succumbing publicly to the antics of the devil he claims to fight. Well, I’m not convinced they are not working together. Peep this drama at the 2009 Shiloh service at the Church headquarters. A so called girl-witch from Imo state is kneeling down before Oyedepo on the altar. This conversation occurs:
Oyedepo: You’ve been there for how long?
Miss Witch: I’m not a witch,I’m a witch for Jesus
Oyedepo: You are a foul devil. Do you know who you are talking to? Foul devil
*Dirty slap* (Screams of approval from the crowd)
Oyedepo: Where are you from?
Miss witch: I’m from Imo state
Oyedepo: When did you join them?
Miss Witch: I’m not a witch
Oyedepo: Then what are you?
Miss Witch: I’m not a witch, but I’m a witch for Jesus
Oyedepo: Jesus has no witches. You are a devil (with a long stress)
You are not set for deliverance and you are free to go to hell.

A look at the run-down of programmes at the Shiloh 2011 reveals that the incident would have occurred at the healing school which as the official flyer claimed, is meant to deliver people from sicknesses and oppression. How come Bishop Oyedepo could not deliver this girl? Why did he turn oppressor while he claimed to be delivering people from oppression? You could see the sickness in the congregation was still there and very rife. This is evident in the fact that rather than condemn this evil action, they gave a rousing acceptance with their shameful shouts of approval.
If he was out to deliver people, why did he leave that girl to rot in hell? What happened to having mercy on the ignorant? Why did he rush into giving judgement and condemning her to hell? How many times have these people failed to live up to what they preach. That little incident revealed how they go about living fake lives while their followers trn them to demi-gods. God would not allow His prophet do such an evil act, he would shield him from such silly display of anger.
I only wish he did this in one of his numerous business centres (do you still call them churches?) scattered all around Europe and America. Someone should take this man up on this public assault and female battery. Where are those who groups who fight for women rights? Unfortunately, they are the Nigerian untouchables.
Surely there is God, and He doesn’t approve of the conduct of Bishop Oyedepo and He will judge between the girl and this man.