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On the Christian God heads concept of the trinity, two situations can arise
One, all the 3 constituents of the trinity are as powerful as the other.
Two, some are subordinate to one.
To admit the first proposition is not only polytheistic, but highly illogical. Agreed upon, Christ was sent by someone. ( and again, admitting this removes the allotropic nature of Christ- being God and man at the same time).If he was sent by God, the father, then you and I have to admit the simple truth that the father is superior to the son. That plainly leads us to the second assumption- that God is superior to Christ. Now, we tarry on the second point which undoubtedly is a common denominator in all paganistic faiths. The existence of a superior God, that now has some inferior ones running its errands but who on their own too may be referred to as gods. Yoruba mythology is a classical example. I don’t think I have to keep on typing before you and I conclude that Christianity isn’t just illogical, it is also polytheistic.